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Practitioner Track

Practitioner Track

See Programme Overview – AIED2022 for updated Practitioner Track Schedule.

Description of the track 

The practitioner track seeks to focus the applicability and the benefit of different technologies to educational practice: Which developments or ideas are ready and convincing to be transferred into teaching or research practice? We invite interested researchers, practitioners and policymakers to join in on the discussion! 

Additional hints for presenters 
Please see the general instructions here: 

Organisers and contact 

The practitioner track is organised by Jeanine DeFalco, Diego Matos, Berit Blanc and Insa Reichow. 

You can reach us via: [email protected] 

Sessions 1
Date: 28/07/2022
Time: 13:20-14:50 (BST)
Room: TLC106
All presentations will be held virtually. 
IDTitleAuthors (speakers underlined)
333Where is the AI? Educator perspectivesLesley Wilton, Stephen Ip, Meera Sharma and Frank Fan
322Embodied Agents to Scaffold Data Science EducationTanmay Sinha and Shivam Malhotra
332Using Genetic Programming and Linear Regression for Academic Performance AnalysisGuilherme Esmeraldo, Robson Feitosa, Cícero Samuel Mendes, Gustavo Campos, Cícero Carlos Oliveira, Esdras Bispo Junior and Allan Carlos de Sousa
315Democratizing Emotion Research in Learning SciencesTanmay Sinha and Sunidhi Dhandhania
313Adaptive Cross-Platform Learning for Teachers in Adult and Continuing EducationThorsten Krause, Henning Gösling, Sabine Digel, Carmen Biel, Sabine Kolvenbach and Oliver Thomas (video only due to illness)
Sessions 2
Date: 29/07/2022
Time: 08:30-10:00 (BST)
Room: TLC106
There will be both in-person and virtual presentations. 
IDTitleAuthors(speakers underlined)
330Sensing Human Signals of Motivation Processes During STEM TasksRichard DiNinni and Albert Rizzo
301Interpretable Knowledge Gain Prediction for Preparatory CoursesBenjamin Paaßen, Melanie Fleckenstein, Malwina Dywel and Niels Pinkwart
331Implementation of a Mathematics Formative Assessment Online Tool Before and During Remote LearningJamie Gillespie, Kevin Winn, Malinda Faber and Jessica Hunt
323Complex Learning Environments: Tensions in Student Perspectives that Indicate Competing ValuesMinghao Cai, Carrie Demmans Epp and Tahereh Firoozi
285Synchronization ratio of Time-Series Cross-Section and Teaching Material Clickstream for Visualization of Student EngagementKonomu Dobashi, Curtis P Ho, Catherine P Fulford, Meng-Fen Grace Lin and Christina Higa