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Call for Interactive Events

Call for Interactive Events

The Interactive Events aim is to allow researchers, practitioners and industry leaders to present their ideas and early work in designing AIED systems. The Interactive Events will help participants engage and solicit feedback from the wider AIED community attending the AIED 2022 conference. Participants will get the opportunity to showcase interactive demonstrations of AIED systems addressing different aspects relevant to Education.

This call is open to practitioners and industry leaders as well as authors submitting papers or posters to the main conference to demo their system during the Interactive Event. The track welcomes multiple types of learning and educational systems that connect to this year’s conference theme, “AI in Education: Bridging the gap between academia, business, and non-profit in preparing future-proof generations towards ubiquitous AI”. 

The demo systems may include interactive systems running in various modalities such as stand-alone app, web, mobile device, etc, as well as early-stage interactive mock-up applications: 

  • virtual/augmented reality environments 
  • adaptive educational systems
  • serious/educational games
  • intelligent tutoring systems
  • agent-based learning environments
  • learning management systems
  • interactive visualizations
  • data-driven and/or analytics based EdTech 
  • novel AIED interactive tools

Submissions will undergo peer review for relevance to the AIED community in general and as an interactive demonstration in particular.

Submission Instructions

Please send your submission (proposal + video link) to [email protected]

A submission to the Interactive Events track requires a proposal summary and a video, with the following guidelines:

  • A Word or PDF proposal summary, 1-2 pages (font size 12), including:
    • Title and authors;
    • Summary of the system to be demoed, including the context in which it was developed if relevant;
    • The system’s potential impact;
    • Relevance to this year’s AIED theme is a plus (but not a requirement).
  • A link to a video (e.g., posted on YouTube or shared on Google Drive). 
    • Videos should be of reasonable quality, a maximum of two minutes long and showcase both the functionality and significance of your system.

Evaluation Criteria

An Interactive Event program committee will be set up with members from the Conference Program Committee. The Interactive Event Chairs (in consultation with this Committee) will select proposals based upon expected interest to AIED attendees, interactivity, scientific value, originality, innovation and potential logistic constraints. Commercial products are eligible, but sales and marketing activities are not appropriate. We welcome demonstrations of systems that were already presented or published, as long as the submitted demonstrations reveal a new angle relevant to AIED. 

Presentation Form and Content

TBD. Depends on whether we can have a hybrid model. We think a stand arrangement could be useful. Maybe we need to ask Dorothy at Durham whether they have the facilities to showcase different stands simultaneously, what do you think Ifeoma?

The videos will be showcased online.

Important Dates

Please check the dates page.

Industry & Innovation Chairs

  • Zitao Liu, TAL Education Group, China
  • Diego Zapata-Rivera, LAFI Center at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, US