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Call for Industry and Innovation Track Papers

Call for Industry and Innovation Track Papers

Connecting Research And Educational Practice

Intelligent, adaptive learning technologies that implement recent advances from AI are becoming more widespread in real-world use. However, there are still challenges involving  adoption, development, scaling, and real-world data issues that are relevant to educational applications and innovative techniques used in AIED research. 

The Industry and Innovation Track is intended to support connections between industry (both for-profit and non-profit) and the research community and to share experiences about how to bridge the gap between research and innovation in the field of AI and education.

We welcome submissions discussing educational technologies at different stages of development, from prototypes being tested in academia or industry to deployed applications.

For industry participants, this is an opportunity to learn about some of the most promising new developments in AIED, to present their findings, to connect with academic and industry partners and to recruit some of the most competent and creative talents in the field.

For those in the research community, this is a chance to present their solutions/results and build connections that may result in the commercialization and wide distribution of new technologies. 

This track is a good opportunity for industry and community members to provide and receive feedback on their projects and approaches.

Papers will be presented as short presentations in the track session and as posters/interactive events in the main session.

 Evaluation Criteria

Papers will go through the same review process of the conference. However, papers will be evaluated using the following criteria: appropriateness to the goals of the Industry and Innovation track, innovation, technical quality, and potential impact. Submissions are expected to address the conference theme on “Bridging the gap between academia, business, and non-profit in preparing future-proof generations towards ubiquitous AI.”

Format and Content

Accepted papers will be presented as short presentations in the industry and innovation track session and as posters/interactive events. We strongly recommend the authors to include a section about how and/or if they address the gap between research and practical innovation.

Submission Instructions

Please submit your paper at

Submissions must be in Springer format. Papers that do not use the required format may be rejected without review. For further details about the format, please see .

Proposals for this track should be 2-4 pages (4 pages + references).

Important Dates

Please check the dates page.

Industry & Innovation Chairs

  • Zitao Liu, TAL Education Group
  • Diego Zapata-Rivera, Educational Testing Service