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Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium

A message from one of your DC Chairs to DC presenters: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software – 27 June 2022.

See Programme Overview – AIED2022 for updated Doctoral Consortium Schedule.

Accepted DC Papers

The Black-box Syndrome: Embracing Randomness in Machine Learning ModelsZach Anthis
Developing an Inclusive Q&A Chatbot in Massive Open Online CoursesSonghee Han and Min Liu
Graph Entropy-Based Learning AnalyticsAli Al-Zawqari and Gerd Vandersteen
Generating Narratives of Video Segments to Support LearningAbrar Mohammed and Vania Dimitrova
Toward Improving Effectiveness of Crowdsourced, On-Demand Assistance From Educators in Online Learning PlatformsAaron Haim, Ethan Prihar and Neil Heffernan

Grading Programming Assignments with an Automated Grading and Feedback Assistant
Marcus Messer
Scaffolding Self-regulated Learning in Game-based Learning Environments Based on Complex Systems TheoryDaryn Dever and Roger Azevedo
Speech and eye tracking features for L2 acquisition: a multimodal experimentSofiya Kobylyanskaya
Using Open Source Technologies and Generalizable Procedures in Conversational and Affective Intelligent tutoring systemsRomina Soledad Albornoz De Luise, Miguel Arevalillo-Herráez and David Arnau
A context-aware approach to personalized feedback in novice programmersHemilis Joyse Barbosa Rocha, Patricia Cabral de Azevedo Restelli Tedesco and Evandro de Barros Costa
Towards Speech-based Collaboration Detection in a Noisy ClassroomBahar Shahrokhian and Kurt Vanlehn
Exploring Fairness in Automated Grading and Feedback Generation of Open-Response Math ProblemsAshish Gurung and Neil T. Heffernan